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Mission Latin America

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

Our mission with countries in North, Central and South America is to help/guide families with tools that will equip them to homeschool and be in good legal academic standing with in their countries; offering academic coverage and personalized support to revalidate, legal international guidance and bicultural standards for curriculums/certified report cards and transcripts. 

Our commitment is the following:  To be ahead and above the understanding of countries guidelines to educate and be in accordance with their country residing academic standards.  

To support these legal academic standards, defend and preserve the foundational principles of parents rights in education, and develop new generations of children with high academic and moral/ work standards.  

To develop, teach and create responsibility in communities, cities and countries and integrate family values that will change the social behavior and ideals towards the Biblical fundamentals we support.

 To preserve family's rights, freedom, and fundamentals that entitle them to be parents.

To preserve the liberty of choice to educate and the freedom of rights given by their country Constitution they reside in.

To secure the well-being of children and their age-appropriate knowledge, emotional and cognitive development, with a safe learning environment to flourish in.  

To support the vision in a country where parents' choice for school education is not legally accredited and to help develop the steps to work in accordance with the state and country legal accreditation for future smart generations.  

To advocate Christian teaching of right and appropriate foundation for Latin American families, based on the best interests of the children and the freedom of decision that parents have on how to educate their children.

To educated with Biblical foundations given by God and the freedom given to parents as citizens of their country by their Constitution, to incorporate Biblically and God-centered standards for the choice of curriculums and teaching.

To support families in the calling and purpose that God gave them as educators of their children.To support individual families, schools, and school churches with this same mission expressed above.

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