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Personalized Counseling

One on one work with each individual family. We help you to get started with a smooth transition from your previous school (public or private). Transferring documents and acquiring transcripts to

Beacon Christian Academy.

Student Affidavit

Beacon Christian Academy, San Diego, files student affidavits as a Private School under the California Department of Education, located within the San Diego Unified School District. BCA is recognized by the State of California as an unaccredited private school.  Each student's records are private and can only be seen by family members or school staff. 


it is required for all new enrolling students to take our "Diagnostic Placement Test". This test helps us to make a better assessment of your students academic grade level in Math, and Language Arts, making sure there are no learning gaps; helping our staff to determine and suggest the right choice for a curriculum. 

CAT & SAT Test

These tests are taken once a year For students in 4th - 12th grade. This helps both parents and our staff to be on top of areas that need more work and to prepare new annual goals for their academic projections.  It helps our parents in keeping them accountable to their children´s academic studies.

CAT testing scores are considered an exit exam for the 6th, 8th & 12th-grade levels.

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High School Planning

We work with student’s throughout their High School years to ensure that the graduation requirements are met. Our High School projection in other countries is for each student to acquire a 90% English proficiency and level in writing skills in their Senior year. Also following up each year as to the SAT or CAT testing scores, requiring a minimum of a 90% grade level score as an exit exam from High School.

Curriculum Advice

Most of the curriculum used by our school is Christian based with an excellent academic bilingual standard.

We work with each family in finding an appropriate or combined curriculum that will suit the child's learning needs and talents. As well, as taking into account the dynamic and personal activities of the family and their financial situation.

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Report Cards

Report Cards become a part of the cumulative record. They should reflect the academic progress that each student is making every year.

Parents are required to hand in grades quarterly. Report card will be issued twice a year at the end of each semester. 


Once a year we have our end of the year Graduation and Promoting Ceremony, a great opportunity for our students to celebrate their hard earned work and for our families to feel part of belonging to a school. 

Graduation for K, 6th, 8th & 12th grade.

Promoting ceremony for students that have fulfilled their academic requirements to promote to the next level.

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Beacon Christian Academy is proud to be the only private school for bilingual education in the State of California which offers 3 different types of Diplomas for our High School graduating requirements..

  - General Diploma

  - College Prep Diploma

  - Special Needs Diploma.

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As part of every family enrollment process we issue each year Beacon Christian Academy Official School ID Cards for students and teachers.

Class Days

Beacon Christian Academy offers weekly planned academic Class Days and tutoring.

Junior High and High School students may receive credits for their participation in their classes taken and Lab project requirements.

Families with students in K- Elementary may receive grades given at Class Day as part of their academic participation and extracurricular activities for their academic projection course of study. 

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BCA Electives

BCA is proud to offer academic electives that will help students to be prepared for future years after graduating from High School and incorporate them into the work fields. Our academic electives will help students be prepared for technical trades and vast job opportunities. 

 We offer a variety of High School Electives to choice throughout the 4 High School years.

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Distance Learning Program

BCA offers options to other states in the US as well as in Latin America through our Satellite Distant Learning Program. Teacher led, Bilingual, and Multi-faceted Christian Online and Hybrid Curricula.


BCA is proud to offer academic services in United States, Mexico, Central and South America as well as in some locations in Europe.

Academic Services

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