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Is Transitioning easy to our School?

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

It’s amazing how frequently at BCA we get asked, “Can my child, who is coming  from another school or program, be able to transition into OUR SCHOOL?” The short answer is YES!!!!. 

HUNDREDS  of children have done it successfully. WE HAVE GREAT HELP AND ADVISORS in making this transition as smooth as possible.

It’s a valid question though. and for a good reason since we have been seen as a highly rigorous and academic program which sometimes many can get scared of because we do base on standardized test scores and college placement testing for our school program.  We believe that an early assessment and monitoring step by set, year by year for each child's progress and parent's independent work, Is what has set us aside from other private school programs where many of our graduates have seen remarkable results. 

Whether your child is coming from another private or public system it does not matter.  We can meet you exactly where your child or teen is at. 

  Each program is different with different strengths and weaknesses. Our program tries to work with the family’s unique style, dynamics and personal necessities.   We design a PERSONALIZED curricula that works well for each child.  (not just placing him/her in a one mindset system box)

Many times families ask, “What if my child is behind?” 

WE SAY...No problem. In fact, it’s quite common to find kids to have learning gaps. Many times we have students that come to us from public systems and they can be 4 yrs behind grade level. 

First of all, at BCA we look at each child as an individual. We do not believe in classifying kids into a one size fits all way of thinking.  It’s not natural and of God’s design to have everyone do the same thing at the same grade level. Even for our High School Diploma, we are proud to direct the family in our 3 different options depending on their capabilities, level, and what degree the student is headed for his future studies or carrier. 

There is great flexibility on our part to work with parents and to help them meet our state requirements. 

  Some children are ready to run fast and hard in math, for instance, and others are not.   We know that some families like all their children to study the same History and Bible in Elementary school. That’s easy to do, too.  Maybe we will advise for a  good classical program for the family wherein Elementary school there will be a strong emphasis on memory work. Or other options where there are more research programs and team learning with varied age groups.  Tending to the more classical approach.  Or an individualized hardcore academic curriculum for those that like the designed structured paced work.

WE believe,  God gave ALL children inquisitive minds and we want to ignite them. We want them to ask questions about the world that God gave us when reading great literature. Or as they study Science and History to see the importance of God's plan and miracle in these subjects.   Questions that need to be answered. Learning of people from the past is more than facts. Projects should be memorable. 

Life experiences like those given in  Our Class Days where they  Mummified a chicken to understand Egypt’s burial rituals.  A cooking class based on Math.  Science Water filters that are made with rocks and bamboo sticks or a silk stocking filled with dough to get the feel of an intestine as food moves through the colon.   Geography and a five and a row class to see the colorful world we live in.   

We believe and want to stimulate their imaginations while learning. We want smart kids that can learn from experience and hands-on learning.  

In Junior High or Middle School, the dialectic stage, we want to teach them logical thinking and teach them to defend their faith and debate well. A challenge that they love to dive into at this age and may times the enthusiastic conversations will spill over to the dinner table to take on a new tone. It’s amazing how much young students are inspired when exposed to the "great" books and good quality curricula. They just love them!!!  Students transition in at this level frequently and they like the peace and security in their lives that our program sets out for them.

When students transition in during High School, the rhetoric years, they’ll not only enjoy working at their own pace and schedule, They become independent thinkers and learners which takes them to achieve many times their own High School home business as an entrepreneur before they even graduate. Because they acquire academic discipline and Godly character their foundation is solid.  As they study and learn all subjects Math, Rhetoric, Science, Economics, World Government, Electives, etc. they feel well guided throughout the years with a good academic projection given by us with a one-on-one High School counseling and personal supervision to achieve our higher academic level that prepares them in such a way that they’ll be able to enter into any University and achieve anything they want with their lives in the future.

Our program will prepare them to engage the world in ways that will make you proud. 

So if you worry about “if your child or teenager who is coming from another school or program, will be able to transition into our SCHOOL gradually or without stress. Or if your child or teen is behind, how he can catch up.   


We are here to guide you and direct you all the way until you feel settled in.   

WE hope we can be of service to you in these uncertain times and that this will be not just a decision for 1 yr but a life-changing one for an entire lifetime.   

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